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Award Shows

Award shows are the time of year when the film and television industries get to congratulate themselves on a job well done. We watch them to complain about who was snubbed and to judge the fashions.

The 2015 Emmy Awards
Critics' Choice Television Awards 2015: Nominees
MTV Movie Awards 2015
Academy Awards 2015
Independent Spirit Awards and Razzie Awards 2015
Writers Guild Awards 2015
Directors Guild Awards 2015
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015
The Producers Guild Awards 2015
Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2015
The Academy Awards 2015: Nominees
The Golden Globe Awards 2015
People's Choice Awards 2015
The Golden Globe Awards 2015: Nominees

The EWwy Awards 2014
Young Hollywood Awards 2014
The Television Critics Association Awards 2014
The Emmy Awards 2014: Nominees
Vulture TV Awards 2014
Critics' Choice Television Awards 2014
Critics Choice Television Awards 2014: Nominees
The MTV Movie Awards 2014
Academy Awards 2014
Independent Spirit and Razzie Awards 2014
BAFTA Film Awards 2014
The Other Guild Awards 2014
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014
Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2014
Academy Award Nominations 2014
Golden Globes 2014
People's Choice Awards 2014
The Golden Globe Awards 2014: Nominees
The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014: Nominees
The People's Choice Awards 2014: Nominees

The Britannia Awards 2013
The Emmy Awards 2013
The EWwy Awards 2013
Television Critics Association Awards 2013
Young Hollywood Awards 2013
Emmy Award Nominations 2013
Saturn Awards 2013
Critics' Choice Television Awards 2013
Fan Favorite Awards 2013
The MTV Movie Awards 2013
The Oscars 2013
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2013
Golden Globe Awards 2013
People's Choice Awards 2013

Our (non)coverage of the Emmy Awards

Emmy Nominations 2011

The Emmys: What won, what Lost (pun)
The 2010 Emmy Nominations