The Gifted

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The Gifted follows a family who goes on the run after they discover that their two children are mutants. There's a scary government organization, a mutant underground, and good enough special effects that you buy into the world that they're creating. All in all, it's off to a pretty good start.

Season One

1.1 eXposed
1.2 rX
1.3 eXodus
1.4 eXit strategy
1.5 boXed in
1.6 got your siX
1.7 eXtreme measures
1.8 threat of eXtinction
1.9 outfoX
1.10 eXploited
1.11 3 X 1
1.12/13 eXtraction; X-roads

Season Two

2.1 eMergence
2.2 unMoored
2.3 coMplications
2.4 outMatched
2.5 afterMath
2.6 iMprint
2.7 no Mercy
2.8 the dreaM
2.9 gaMe changer
2.10 eneMy of My eneMy

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Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker)
Amy Acker (Caitlin Strucker)
Sean Teale (Marcos Diaz/Eclipse)
Natalie Alyn Lind (Lauren Strucker)
Percy Hynes (Andy Strucker)
Coby Bell (Jace Turner)
Jamie Chung (Clarice Fong/Blink)
Blair Redford (John Produstar/Thunderbird)
Emma Dumont (Lorna Dane/Polaris)