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Person of Interest: The High Road

“Zoe Morgan, will you be my wife?”

I started this episode with high expectations. Reese and Zoe pretend to be a married couple in the suburbs? Throw in the promise of a Finch flashback and I was a happy camper. Ultimately, however, "The High Road" disappointed. Most of it was very good, and its flaws were few. However, those flaws were uncharacteristically large.

Firstly, don’t promise me a Finch flashback complete with Ingram and then only give me a few minutes. Poor Finch has been sidelined the last several episodes and I’m really missing him. It was sweet seeing how he met Grace and learning of his love for vanilla ice cream cones, but why would they include Ingram if they didn’t plan on doing anything with him or the Machine mystery?

Secondly (and most importantly), the ending of this episode sucked. It really did. I usually try to be a bit more diplomatic when I’m not pleased with something but the end was just so anti-climactic and un-PoI. It was sloppy and saccharine. I would expect this sort of thing from a more goofy/fun crime procedural like Psych or Monk, but it did not match the show’s usual dark tone.

Graham turning himself in stretches even my optimism about human nature to the breaking point. He gets away clean, has a wife and daughter living in a lovely house in the suburbs to go home to, and yet turns himself in? I’m sorry. No one would do that.

Yet even this unbelievable ending would have been preferable to the epilogue they tagged on. Graham decides to testify against his former partners, and, in a plea agreement, is put under house arrest at his lovely house in the suburbs. Despite not knowing her husband’s true identity, Connie still loves Graham and life has gone back to normal. It was incredibly annoying. No consequences, really? None? He has to wear a Hollywood anklet for a few months and has to have his pizza delivered instead of picking it up. Horror of horrors. Come on PoI, you’re better than this!

Okay, enough whining. The awesome of the episode did in fact outweigh the crap. David Denman (The Office, Angel, Big Fish, a thousand other things) guest stars as Graham Wyler, aka Lloyd Prewett, a safe-cracker turned soccer dad. I love when Denman pops up in something. He’s an excellent actor and he looks oh so huggable. He really brought his A game for this ep. The scene of the robbery was so tense. I knew that Reese was going to save him eventually, but that didn’t stop me from freaking out a bit.

In fact, the whole cast was at their best this week. Whether it was Finch pining ever-so-subtly over Graham’s redheaded wife, Zoe being all sexy and sarcastic, or Reese and his Zoe-induced bedroom eyes, it was all gold. I know, saying the cast was good on this show isn’t exactly a breathtaking realization. No one ever phones it in on PoI, even the guest stars. I totally got the chills when baddy #1 pulled out Izzy’s necklace.

Bits and Pieces:

Bear finally gets to do something! He was absolutely integral to selling Reese’s cover. Yes, integral. On this subject, no other opinions will be acknowledged. :)

So it looks like the Machine set up Finch and Grace. It’s sort of like a super high-tech eharmony then?

You know you’re thinking it: Reese and Zoe are just too sexy for the suburbs.

Caviezel does not look right in a polo shirt, even if it is black.

Loved Finch installing Graham’s security system as Reese’s employee. He’s finally out of the library again!

The Machine tells Finch that Grace loves Charles Dickens. Finch cited Charles Dickens as the source for the saying “our mutual friend.” Coincidence?

Apparently one of Reese’s superpowers involves finding street parking in NYC with absurd ease.

Was there really no opportunity to rob the apartment when it wasn’t full of people?

Several obligatory kneecap shootings this ep.


“Bear, we’ve talked about boundaries.”
I love dogs, but the doughnut licking thing made me cringe. Yuck!

“Hard to see how he had the money to move east, much less support a city lifestyle.”
“Maybe he met a reclusive billionaire.”
Not everyone can be that lucky, Reese.

“Remember when you saved me from being tortured and killed by corporate hitmen? Consider us even.”
“That mean you don’t want me to carry you across the threshold?”

“When this is over, I might have to fight you for custody of the dog.”
She’s gonna have a hell of a fight on her hands.

“Let’s try not to shoot any Girl Scouts on our first day.”
As a former Girl Scout, I thank them for that.

“Somebody had to see to it John didn’t burn down the block.”
I’m really surprised they included this line. Shouldn’t they have edited it out after that huge fire in the Rockaways less than two weeks ago in the Sandy craziness?

“This alarm system, does it call the local police?”
“No, no, it calls a private response team.”
He’s not kidding. Reese and Finch make for one fabu-tastic response team.

two and a half out of four brightly colored ski masks
sunbunny, Person of Interest and Bear the Dog fangirl


  1. Thanks for the review, sunbunny.

    Firstly, I was a Girl Scout, too. :)

    For me, the Reese & Zoe scenes more than compensate the other "low" scenes.

    Enjoyed this ep.

  2. I burst out laughing when Finch reminded Bear of their discussion of boundaries. I just had that discussion with my little cat the other day. (He never listens.)

    I loved this, because I love fish-outta-water suburb episodes. The black polo shirt. Zoe's white jeans and girl talk. The grilling. It was too perfect. I even liked the overly happy ending that took place on a perfectly manicured lawn.

    And we got so, so close to Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston in the same shot! After Lost and the episode of PoI last season in which we found out his real life is his fictional beloved, I've been waiting for a moment to see the two of them on-screen together. We got a short dialogue here, but only with shots of each person; no "two-shots" of them both. I think the director is playing with us, like Michael Mann did with De Niro and Pacino in Heat.

    Now I've got to figure out how to get my laptop to use its magic to discover the man of my dreams. So much easier than hitting the singles bars...

  3. Very true Sunbunny... Bear totally saved Reese's cover! ;o)

    I didn't hate it, but I didn't particularly care for this episode either. I expect more when Zoe is on the job! Did love her intro to Carter though! "I'm his wife" LOL!

  4. CrazyCris, I mean, can you imagine if Reese showed up without Bear? The suburbanites would have been all, what? Where's your dog? You don't have a dog!? Obviously, you're a former CIA operative/current vigilante superhero.

    I forgot the 'I'm his wife' bit! So funny. I was expecting it, but that didn't make it any less adorable.

    Josie, when you have your laptop soulmate finder up and running, lend it to me won't you?

  5. I wish they'd given Reese and Zoe 2.5 kids, too. I've always wanted to know which 1/2 of the child that refers to.

    Sunbunny, of course I will lend it to you. Because, as my father's wife is always reminding me, the man of your (or my) dreams isn't just going to drop out of the sky, through the ceiling, and into the living room.

    Which sucks, since the man of my dreams can teleport.

  6. "He gets away clean, has a wife and daughter living in a lovely house in the suburbs to go home to, and yet turns himself in? I’m sorry. No one would do that."

    It might help your enjoyment if you consider that he DIDN'T actually get away clean - there were at least half a dozen witnesses who could identify him, plus four crooks who would presumably be more than willing to turn in their fugitive accomplice in exchange for reduced sentences.

    That, and it might've help sell the wife on the whole "reformed" thing.

    That's how I see it, anyway. :)

    (Also, there needs to be more Zoe & Bear interaction in the future. The viewers demand it!)

    (Also also, love the commentary. Your reviews are rapidly becoming among my favorites, disagreement over the clean getaway thing notwithstanding. ;) )

  7. Josie after you've gotten your super-software back from Sunbunny could you pass it on to me? Particularly if it finds you someone who can teleport! ;o)

  8. JK, You're right, there were a lot of witnesses. Somehow that didn't occur to me. Still, I think Carter could have kept him from being charged if she put half an hour into it. :) Thanks so much for the compliments; you made my day.

  9. CrazyCris, I'll put you on the list of people who want to subscribe to the Billiedoux.com Love Machine.

    Version 2.0, by the way will find the woman of anyone's dreams. (We're an equal-love-opportunity site.)

    Celticmarc--not Scotty! Just anyone with a teleport. :-)

  10. I don't know which I love the most: the episode, the review, or the comments.

    I like the actor who played Graham, too, sunbunny. Ever since I discovered that Roy from The Office was Skip the Demon, I admired his range.

    It's funny to see episodes in the suburbs because it's very far from my reality. Suburbs here in Brazil have completely different look, feel, and reputation. I find it very curious.

    Finch saying "Almost done... Boss" cracked me up. It was perfect delivery.

    I would ask for the software as well, but, with my luck, it would set me up with a crazy person.

    Josie, I thought you were happily married. Or you are and you think it's no reason to stop looking for the man of your dreams?

  11. Roy from The Office is Skip the Demon?!

    Okay, I've gotten the shouting out of my system. Because originally the first line of this comment read:

    I come across as married?! No wonder I'm not having any luck.

    Gus, I am not married, happily or otherwise. Perhaps when I joke about my little cat you thought I was using a polite euphemism for a furry, lazy deadbeat who makes me clean up after him, bring him food, and rub his tummy even though he contributes nothing to the household budget and insists on nibbling my toes? Because I really did just mean my cat. :-)

    Celticmarc, I will add that datum to the Billiedoux.com Love Machine information banks. :-)

    Roy from The Office was Skip. No matter how many times I type it, I still can't believe it.

  12. Josie tears are rolling down my eyes from laughing so hard...

    Can I just say I'm loving all the crazy fun comments on the posts these past couple of weeks! :o)

  13. Public announcement :

    The writer of the 10 000 000th comment on this blog will win a supper with Billie and the head staff. The preceding one was just the 99 999 999th one (yay)

    Josie, as soon as my damn transporter is fixed, I'll send ya a brand new laptop. (It's made in China; not recommended for transporting people) (and a cat life's seems like fun !) (meow)

    Cris, et ce n'est pas fini, ce n'est qu'un début.... (nah, I ain't translating this either)

  14. crap

    typo up there

    I meant to write 9 999 999th one. Thank you.

    Forgive my eagerness, I'm hungry. But I'm bringing the wine. You guys prefer red, white or both ? No Baileys, I have only 2 hands.

  15. So does that make this one the 10 000 000th? ;o)

    I'll take that supper... if you throw in a plane ticket! Otherwise watching each other eat via Skype probably isn't that fun... :p

    Et j'espère bien que ce n'est qu'un début!

  16. celtimarc, you only have two hands? Weird...

    Josie, I think my impression comes from the early days, back in 2008, when I started coming to this site. I couldn't tell you, Billie and Jess apart, it was all a big haze (yes, I'm that easy to confuse. You should see the pranks I fell into in high school).

    And I needed a lot of time to wrap my mind around the fact that Roy was Skip. Mostly because I thought the actor playing Skip was black. Don't ask me why.

  17. Dear Gus

    Yes indeed, only 2 hands. 5 fingers each. Well, when we'll continue this conversation in 12 656 years, I'll still have 2 hands, but with 6 fingers. My comments will be typed 3 seconds faster. Booyah. The drawback it that I'll also have a (an) humongous bald head. Good thing that everybody will be like that.


    Ah !!! je suis désolé, nous ne sommes rendus qu'a 36 278 commentaires en réalité, excluant bien sur (merde, je ne trouve pas mon accent pour le U, je te laisses ça) tous les spams que Billie a reçu au fil des ans. Et qu'elle reçoit encore aujourd'hui.

    What's for supper ????

  18. Wow, I'd be a much better guitar player if I had 12 fingers.

    Mark et Cris,

    pour achever le 10 000 000me comentaire, on doit causer comme ça dans tous les posts. On en a vingt ici déjà! Dans environs 498186 posts, on y sera!

    PS: Mon français n'est pas si bien que mon anglais.

  19. Gus,

    Ton français est excellent.

    On the other hand, forget about the supper : I've already won LOL My idea, my joke, my pizza.

    I remember fondly a while ago when I said on my answering machine that my 2 hands were full. One of my friends asked me : "full of what ?". He made my day.

  20. Bravo Gus!

    T'inquiète, avec le prochain poste sur Castle il y aura beaucoup plus que 20 commentaires... ;o)

    Mark: Zut, flûte et merrrrrrde! Font chier les spams. Moi aussi j'en reçois. Heureusement Google s’occupe de les effacer dès leur apparition.

    Supper? Anyone care for a paella? With some jamón serrano and queso manchego as an apéritive, all accompanied by a nice red Rioja?

  21. Cris

    Pouahhhhhhh ! C'est Marc avec UN C (bordel de merde) !

    a) Bon, je prends l'avion pour le souper et, oui oui, je m'occupe de la vaisselle !

    b) non mais, ce qu'on va se bidonner lors du prochain article sur Castle...J'ai 8 items a ma liste...

    Cé (1) vrai que c'est vachement bien Google.

    NO people, absolutely NO translating here. Sorry.

    (1) variation phonétique et plus rapide de c'est. Mais tu avais compris.

  22. Now I'm hungry. I'll bring virtual dessert! That's the best kind because it doesn't have calories.

  23. Billie

    I'll fax ya a few ounces of Baileys ! Enjoy ! But please, do NOT drive after !

  24. Ooops! DÉSOLÉE!!! Moi qui déteste quand les gens rajoutent un 'H' un mon prénom! :o( Simple typo!

    Can the virtual dessert be chocolate based? I almost baked myself a batch of brownies today... took all my self-control to not make them! *sigh*

  25. Ooooooh chocolate....

    (Homer Simpson's face when he sees a donut)

    Cris, on se trompe tout le monde, pas grave ! En passant, pouah est mon équivalent personnel de LOL

  26. Anyone care for a paella? With some jamón serrano and queso manchego as an apéritive, all accompanied by a nice red Rioja?

    Yes, oui, si, & sim. And I will make my mint-chocolate cookie bars, passed down from a long line of women from the Midwestern, where all cookies are in bar form.

    C-Marc, I never told you I got a new laptop? I am worse than the blanc idiot who writhes for cheeseburgers and annoys Henri.

  27. Josie, would prefer paella valenciana, paella mixta, paella de montaña or a paella alicantina?

    I'd love to try those mint-chocolate cookie bars!

  28. Hummmm... paella is delicious.

    Sadly, I know how to cook nothing. I'll learn it during the next months.

    And Josie, I was happy about the small but significant acknowledgement to Portuguese ;)

  29. Josie,

    With my best Southern accent : awwww SOB !!! Nope, you haven't told me. I'll tell Henri to hiss at you next time you pass by. Sacrebleu, petit minet.

    All that food talk makes me (more) hungry.

    So, let me add : ja, da, si (the ITALIAN One) and Ai (the japanese one, probably misspelled)

    Gus, quoting you : "I don't know which I love the most: the episode, the review, or the comments."

    Simple, I love EVERYTHING.

    (another) Public announcement :

    Watch out for a new version of BSG coming soon with cats as the good guys and dogs playing Cylons. It will be shot in black and white, just to show how artistic animals can be. Yup, my money is on the pusses. (hey, I a puss guy (yes ! double entendre)) (shame on me)

    And I'm baffled at all the crazy stuff I can type with my 2 five fingered hands (1). What is it going to be in 12 656 years ???!!!??? (2)

    (1) I actually type with 4 to 6 fingers. Never took lessons. Self learner.

    (2) A reboot of Fringe. Watch Olivia holding her humongous bald head (heeeeeshhhh) with her 12 fingers (handy!) after another silly remark by Walter.

    What did you say Abed ? Ah. Cool, cool, cool. See you in February (awwww SOB !!) (NOT so cool) (hate you NBC) (just wanted to be SURE you get that)

  30. Cris, I have no idea! Mixta? For a little of everything?

  31. I was going to post a comment, but I've forgotten what show, let alone what episode was originally reviewed since I was so distracted by the random comments above. :D

  32. How about my family's speciality then? With chicken, green beans, artichokes, shrimp and some peppers on top to make it pretty.

  33. Even though I've only watched episode 2.0 as of tonite, I was wondering why this one has sooooooo many comments...

    OK, now I remember. I guess the Machine didn't see that one coming...

    Next time Gus, I'll say I'm an octopus...

  34. David Denman.

    Another veteran from In Plain Sight. You're right, his acting was excellent.

    I can understand how dumbfounded about this week episode's ending, but redemption is always lurking in the background of this show. And I'm sure there were MORE than poker oh that last night.

    I also understand...your second dumbfound-ness about the Machine mythology. Such a great story and so little this week. Hey, they have to fill 24 episodes or so...Of course, being so hooked, I want to know...EVERYTHING. (oh, and 2 yellow squares with Finch and Ingram)

    Crap ! 2 minutes before 9 pm. I will watch tonite's show LIVE and come back later on for my 2nd part of commenting !

  35. Part deux

    "I wouldn't go back to this place." LOL

    "John ! It's a door bell ! (you wrote the rest) (great line)

    (wow ! pretty weird to watch a show live, especially when I'm 4 episodes late !! Reese in prison ??? SOB !!)

    A meeting in New York : "I'm John's wife." Carter's reaction : priceless. "Long story." A man of a few words....

  36. Quite extraordinary how a show about the suburbs have started such a long string of comments. If you want to find some crazy neighbours, I'm referring you to Chuck's :


    (loved the Talking Head music and Baldwin cabling up the TV. "Now ! Go out and mingle !")

    And yes, I'd be immensely happy with a transporter. Who wouldn't ?

    4 shows and I'm up to date. Watching tonight's show with that gap was weird...and fun. And it reminded me how much I hate the commercial breaks. Beautiful invention the DVD.

  37. I liked this one, even the rather silly ending.

    LA writers' lack of knowledge about East Coast geography always makes me giggle. Fly between Manhattan and Philly? By the time you got to the airport, you'd be halfway there.

    At most, it is an hour and half in my pokey little car. In the super machine that Reese drives, closer to an hour.

  38. They shoot in NYC. I don't know if they have production offices out here or if those are back east too.

    What makes me more crazy is when LA writers mess up LA geography. It's like, GUYS GO OUTSIDE.


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