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Doux News: Summer Preview

It's May, and the Agents of D.O.U.X. are preparing for the season finales and finalizing our summer reviewing plans. We hope you'll stick around and keep us company during the summer months. Hey, we don't stop loving our shows just because the weather gets nice.

The new stuff

-- Continuum: I'll be reviewing the fourth and final season of the time travel drama, which premieres in Canada on Sunday, July 26 and will hopefully be available shortly after that on Syfy in the U.S.

-- Daredevil: Mark Greig will continue posting Marvel's Daredevil reviews every week until the first season is complete.

-- Fear the Walking Dead: I will be covering the first season of The Walking Dead's much discussed but poorly named spinoff. The premiere date hasn't been announced yet.

-- Hannibal: Heather will review the third heart-pounding season which begins Thursday, June 4.

-- Orange is the New Black: Season three premieres June 12, or more accurately, Netflix will be dumping it on the world and everyone will be binge-ing it. Netflix's dump-the-whole-season thing is infuriating; I'm not sure yet if I'll be writing a general season three review or doing individual reviews of each episode, and would be interested in your opinion. What do you guys want? Post a comment!

-- Teen Wolf: Panda will be covering the very furry fifth season, which premieres Monday, June 29.

-- True Detective: Josie Kafka will cover season two of this critical favorite, premiering Sunday, June 21.

-- Wayward Pines: I plan to review the premiere of the new ten-episode Fox drama which begins Thursday, May 14. I'm considering reviewing all ten episodes, although frankly, its resemblance to Persons Unknown, an albatross of a midseason show, is making me uneasy. I've also read the entire book series, which might make it hard for me to pretend that I don't know what's going on.

New stuff catch up

-- Community: We've covered the first five seasons and would like to fill in the recently released season six. But, see, we haven't been thrilled with Yahoo Screen. We'll have to see how we feel. Maybe we need encouragement.

-- Gotham: Joseph Santini recently picked up the show, and plans to fill in first season reviews during the summer.

-- The Musketeers: ChrisB will finish her season two reviews of the BBC costume drama after Outlander's first season concludes.

Yes, we're four hot guys waiting for ChrisB to review us.

Classic shows

-- Doctor Who (classic): Mark Greig will continue with the Tom Baker years and possibly beyond after he's finished with Daredevil.

-- Farscape: Samantha M. Quinn plans to finish season two and make headway with season three, starting after the Arrow and Game of Thrones finales.

-- Star Trek The Next Generation: Six of us (Billie Doux, Mark Greig, Juliette, drnanamom, Samantha M. Quinn and Joseph Santini) are working on Next Gen in rotation; we're nearing the end of season two and heading into the good stuff. Reviews will continue to go up every week. We've talked about speeding it up during the summer but frankly, we're all working on other shows too, so that may not be practical.

-- Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Joseph Santini has recently completed season one and hopes to make significant progress with season two this summer.

-- Star Trek Voyager: Juliette will be working on season three of Voyager this summer.

-- The Tudors: Sunbunny will be returning to season two of The Tudors after the third season of Orphan Black concludes.

-- The West Wing: Juliette will continue reviewing season two this summer.

-- The Wire: Ben P. Duck and Jess Lynde have been plugging away all winter posting reviews every other week, and they plan to continue with this schedule. They're currently nearing the end of season three.

-- The X-Files: Team X-Files (ChrisB, Heather, Dr Nana Mom and Juliette) has been posting a new review every week this year, and will continue during the summer. They just started season five. I seriously never thought we'd finish the behemoth that is The X-Files, but we're more than halfway there. And of course, we're planning to cover the new season when it premieres.

That's it. It's a lot, isn't it? I mean, seriously -- wow. I hadn't realized how much we were covering until I started putting this Summer Preview together.

Thanks to all of our readers for sticking with us, and for all of your terrific comments. What are you guys looking forward to watching this summer? What should we be covering that we're not? Any questions for us?
Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. adding to the arrow, flash, originals and izombie from the cw you guys should be reviewing the 100 and jane the virgin while it is strong in its early years. you can drop supernatural and vampire diaries for the time being after their current seasons.

  2. The 100 is on our "want" list, but I don't think any of us are watching it yet. I haven't seen Jane the Virgin, although I hear it's good.

  3. Hi Billie, do you think anyone on the team will ever do B5 reviews? With all the classic Sci-Fi goodness it seems like a good fit with your style of show! Everyone seems super busy though - personally can't wait to see some more Farscape reviews :)

  4. Hi, Baz: when it aired, I was crazy about Babylon 5 and I wrote mini-reviews of the entire series privately for my friends. All of those reviews were lost because the discussion list we had eventually went away, and I just didn't think to keep those reviews. I haven't had the heart to go back to B5, and none of the writers have expressed an interest. So... I guess maybe someday? You're right that it's a big one that we don't have.

  5. Please don't drop SPN - your reviews almost always come out first and always manage to balance emotion and reasoning very well. There is one show I'd like to read about here - Elementary; it's not fantasy, but neither is Musketeers so I can hope, right?

  6. Anonymous the first has a point that we should try to cover the newer and hotter shows, and we're doing our best, but Anonymous the second, I'm committed to Supernatural until it's done. That's because I love it and it's one of my favorite shows ever, and also because it gets a lot more hits than you might think. The Vampire Diaries brings in readers as well.

    One of our writers has talked a bit about reviewing Elementary, but hasn't had the time. I still haven't watched it. I guess I need to watch it. :)

  7. Yay for more Farscape! And Musketeers. And Daredevil. :)

  8. Any possibility for The Last Ship? I'm not very military myself but I have a thing for naval dramas. I think it's the confinement. Like being on a spaceship. Makes the writing, if it's done right, focus on relationships.

  9. milostanfield, I don't think we're going to get to individual reviews of The Last Ship this summer. Too many shows! But I'm definitely watching it. The first season was surprisingly good.

  10. I have already said this on Joseph Santini's last review but I want to say it again. Thanks for the Gotham reviews! I so appreciate the time Joseph is putting into this. And thank you, Billie, for providing this site. I am so spoiled now that I hate watching any show if I can't come here for reviews. You guys rock!


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