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Doux News: Fall Preview

Hey, all, how's it going? Did you have a good summer? Are you as overwhelmed by the number of available television choices as I am?

Before I talk about our fall coverage, I want to share that I've fallen into television love twice this past spring and summer.

For those of you that don't geek out on Star Trek, the unaired pilot in 1965 didn't star Captain Kirk. It starred Captain Christopher Pike, originally played by movie star Jeffrey Hunter; his mysterious second in command called only "Number One;" and of course, a young officer named Spock. This was Gene Roddenberry's initial vision of what Star Trek was going to be.

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery brought those characters back, with Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One, and Ethan Peck as Spock. And they were fabulous. They gave me a glimpse of what I didn't know I wanted. But boy, do I want it now.

Please CBS. Give me a Star Trek ship show starring Christopher Pike, please? Pretty please with sugar on it?

And then I discovered Outlander. I'd been avoiding it, which was relatively easy to do because it was hiding on Starz and you have to subscribe and pay for it. I don't like subscribing and paying for things and actively resent that I have to subscribe to Hulu for The Handmaid's Tale and CBS All Access for Star Trek: Discovery. But when the first two seasons of Outlander became available on Netflix, I gave it a shot.

And now I'm obsessed. It has actually reached a near-Buffy level for me. I've been frantically reviewing all of our missing episodes before season five begins in February. Which I will also review.

Outlander might give people the wrong impression because they don't know what it is. It's history up close and personal with time travel thrown in. It's a love story, but not like a romance novel – it's more about a very unusual marriage between a twentieth century woman and an eighteenth century man. It has two terrific leads with great chemistry, wonderful supporting characters and outstanding production values – the highlands of Scotland, the Battle of Culloden, the Versailles of Louis XV, Colonial America. Outlander was developed and executive produced by Ronald D. Moore, of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Battlestar Galactica fame.

And I'll stop raving about Outlander now and move on to our fall coverage. That, interestingly enough, includes the final seasons of four of our favorites.

Coming this fall to Doux Reviews

This Close (September 12)
Joseph Santini is currently reviewing season one and plans to review season two.

The Good Place (September 26)
During the summer, Doux Team Good Place completed our missing reviews, just in time for (sigh) the final season of this unusual series about the afterlife.

Mr. Robot (October 6)
The final season will be covered by Logan Cox.

Batwoman (October 6)
Yes, we're covering it! Samantha M. Quinn will be taking it on.

Supergirl (Oct 6)
Victoria Grossack will be covering this season. I hear Supergirl is getting pants.

The Flash (Oct 8)
We're still looking for someone to review The Flash. Until then, I'll continue doing split season reviews plus individual reviews of the big crossover episode.

Supernatural (Oct 10)
Of course, I'm covering the final season. Even though it's more than time, I'm oddly apprehensive, maybe because I know Supernatural has the ability to hurt me. After fifteen seasons of reviewing it, Dean and Sam Winchester are family and I care what happens to them.

Arrow (Oct 15)
Shari will be covering the final season.

And in 2020, we'll be covering:

Doctor Who
Legends of Tomorrow
The Magicians
Roswell, New Mexico
Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Picard

What did you guys enjoy this summer? What are you looking forward to this fall? I can't make promises since we are an all volunteer reviewing army, but what do you think we should cover that we're not already covering?

If you like Doux Reviews, we would really appreciate your support. Post comments! And if you can, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, RSS feed or by email (right side panel). Thanks so much!

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I would love to read reviews of (the still on-going) Killjoys and (the sadly canceled) Into the Badlands, which I found recently on HBO Nordic and fell deeply in love with.

    Billie, I shared your enthusiasm for Outlander at the beginning, but the third season really lost me, and while I tried to get back on track with the fourth season, there was just too much misery and injustice for me to be able to hang in there. I've been reading your reviews in the hopes that you can rekindle my love for it once you get that far... I just hope you don't get as discouraged as I did.

  2. Looking forward to the final season of The Good Place. :)

  3. Welcome to Scotland, BD! And France and the 18th Century. Glad you found "Outlander". I love this show too and am enjoying the recaps. I am struggling a bit with the current season and its current location, not my favorite time and place in history. But it still has the great acting, especially those two and their incredible chemistry. And the production values are typically Ron Moore awesome. Enjoy!

  4. This just about made me cry -
    Supernatural (Oct 10)
    Of course, I'm covering the final season. Even though it's more than time, I'm oddly apprehensive, maybe because I know Supernatural has the ability to hurt me. After fifteen seasons of reviewing it, Dean and Sam Winchester are family and I care what happens to them.

    - because that's exactly how I feel. Please, please give us a good final season, and something that will leave me with a good memory of my favorite show!

  5. I've already seen season four of Outlander -- I wouldn't have taken it on without catching up completely -- and I think this past season's problem was spending too much time with some characters to the detriment of others.

  6. Please, please give us a good final season, and something that will leave me with a good memory of my favorite show! carolej126, I so agree. Here's hoping!

  7. As someone who read the books and saw the episodes, I think that most of the flaws in the season can be laid at the feet of the source material. This was my least favorite book by far. But it's all relative. I still think both the books and the show are amazing and I eagerly await next season.

  8. Shari, you have a point about book four. I liked five a lot better, and that makes me hopeful about season five.

  9. I would love to see reviews on Killjoys. This is their last season but I've loved the show
    since it started. Awesome cast.

  10. You read the books and put off watching the show? Or did you start watching the show and binge the books. If the latter, I'm really impressed. That's commitment! LOL

  11. Shari, I read the first four Outlander books way back when and then the fifth one when it was initially published -- and then I stopped reading the books. I didn't watch the series because I knew what was going to happen in the final episodes of season one, and didn't think I could handle it.

    When the first two seasons of the show became available on Netflix, I finally gave it a try -- and that was it, I was hooked. After I finished watching the first four seasons, I started filling in the missing reviews and also went back to the books.

    So essentially, I'm reviewing season three while reading book six. :)

  12. I thought I was watching and loving Outlander, but it turned our I was just staring for hours at a still photo of shirtless Sam Heughan in a kilt.

    I regret nothing.

  13. Also, I could not be more excited for Batwoman!!

  14. Mikey, I belong to an Outlander Facebook group that is basically a whole lot of us staring at a photo of shirtless Sam Heughan in a kilt.

  15. I need this to be a part of my life.

    Years ago, there were three of us at work that started a Facebook group called Cute Dog Stories, Agent Carter Rumors, and shirtless pictures of Jason Stathem, as those were our three main topics of conversation.

  16. I went through a period of obsession with Jason Statham, myself. Saw every single one of his movies, too. We just might have a similar taste in men. :)

  17. Have you thought about reviewing Dark? It's a fabulous show on Netflix, think a German Twin Peaks with time travel.

  18. Thought someone might be reviewing The Orville?

  19. Is anyone interested in reviewing Carnival Row, the new Rene Echevarria steampunk show? I just watched the pilot and quite liked it, although the messaging is a little heavy handed.

  20. magritte, it's again so many shows, so little time -- wish we could! And maybe someone will want to take it on at some point.

  21. you're reviewing Watchmen but it's not in the list ;) Are there other shows you started reviewing after you posted this? (always looking for new good stuff, and you're still the best to look at first :D)

    and I still think you should review The Expanse!

  22. Kayne, it's just Watchmen. I didn't know Logan was going to take it on -- just glad he did.


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