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Sunbunny's Best of 2013

2013 is almost over (thank God!) so it’s time for an end of the year rundown.

New Shows

Orphan Black: My favorite new show of the year without a doubt. There are precious few shows I would recommend to every single person I meet. Firefly is one. Orphan Black is another. I don’t care what sort of shows you’re into, you will like this, I promise. Honestly, the show’s plot is a bit take it or leave it, but the performances (yes, plural) of rapidly rising star Tatiana Maslany make this show the best thing to happen to 2013. Watch it and learn why everyone is so angry that Maslany was not nominated for an Emmy.

Sleepy Hollow: Despite its admittedly ridiculous premise, Sleepy Hollow totally took me by surprise this season and ended up being my favorite new fall show. It’s not perfect (the mythology is, as many have noted, very dense), but it’s something to look forward to on Monday nights. The cast is talented (and extremely attractive), the humor is light, and the characters are, on the whole, utterly charming. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly merits checking out if you haven’t already.

Orange is the New Black: My favorite so far of Netflix’s original series, Orange is the New Black follows certified WASP Piper Chapman as she enters a woman’s prison. For me, the highlight of the show is not its main characters or even its storylines but the supporting characters, all of whom are brilliantly depicted by amazing actresses. It’s another show I think everyone should at least try.

The Fall: This summer, everyone was talking about how no one was talking about this show. It’s a mystery. An import from across the Atlantic, The Fall stars Gillian Anderson (who you may remember from a little show called The X-Files) and Once Upon a Time’s Jamie Dornan. It’s intense and can be difficult viewing, but it’s one of the most meticulously crafted shows I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If you’re missing your serial killer fix since the demise of Dexter, give this a try.

ReignReign won’t be taking home Emmys any time soon, or, you know, ever, but I enjoy it. It’s a romantic, soapy romp. Just the frustratingly guilty pleasure I hoped it would be. Its hunky leading men (Tony Regbo and The Tudors’ Torrance Coombs) certainly don’t hurt its appeal.

Dracula: Weird, right? I’m not saying the show is good, but it is entertaining. The highlight for me is Katie McGrath (although it’s still weird seeing her blonde) and her character Lucy Westenra. McGrath manages to make Lucy strong and vulnerable at the same time and her relationship with Mina is entrancing.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is not all that I was hoping it to be, at least not yet. Still, there’s an hour of Joss Whedon produced programming to look forward to every week, which is in no way bad. Plus, the promo for the second half of season one looks amazing. Here’s hoping we find out what makes Tahiti such a magical place.

Almost Human: It’s not what most people were expecting. Almost Human is less dystopian sci-fi thriller than police procedural with a twist, but I like it the better for it. I’m not a big sci-fi person for whatever reason, but Almost Human keeps all that stuff light enough for me. Plus it stars nerd sex god Karl Urban and teddy bear brought to life Michael Ealy. It’s a shame about the ratings. I doubt I’ll have Almost Human to watch for much longer.

New To Me

Supernatural: In the ‘new to me’ category we have one of my now favorite shows ever. When Supernatural first came out, I was interested. I asked someone if it was too scary and they said ‘yes.’ I wish I could remember who it was that warned me off so I could kill them. I can’t believe I spent eight years of my life avoiding this show! After starting to watch the show this spring, I have quickly become incredibly obsessed. I mean, really, really, incredibly obsessed.

Breaking Bad: I finally hopped on the bandwagon – just in time – and was able to watch the entire series in a few weeks. Was it healthy? Definitely not. Was it worth it? Hell, yeah. That finale was epic.

Veronica Mars: For whatever reason, I missed Veronica when she was first on TV. I really can’t imagine how she escaped my notice, I was in the correct demographic, but I digress. After the movie was announced, I got curious and, after some prodding by the Doux Reviews Twitter crew, watched all three seasons in less than a week. I only took breaks to get food and go to the bathroom. I’m not sure I slept. It honestly might be the most addicted I’ve ever been to a TV show.

Lost Girl: I honestly have no idea what possessed me to start watching this show. Lost Girl is basically brain candy. No nutritional value whatsoever, but boy, is it scrumptious. The plots are outlandish, the dialogue corny, the production value minimal. And yet I keep watching. Maybe it’s because the show acknowledges its ridiculousness. Maybe it’s the epic love triangle (I’m Team DyBo). Maybe it’s Kenzi. It’s probably Kenzi.

Teen Wolf: I was roped into watching Teen Wolf this summer. I’m only up to season two, but thus far it’s been a pleasant surprise. It’s certainly a better show than the name indicates. Sure, it has plenty of teen drama, but it’s decently done teen drama. More importantly, like Lost Girl, Teen Wolf doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Crushes (inspired by ChrisB)

Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow): It’s something about the accent or maybe the old-fashioned chivalry or maybe the fact that he has no idea what he’s doing in the modern world and it’s adorable. In any case, Tom Mison’s Ichabod is a big part of the reason I’m still watching Sleepy Hollow.

Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time): I have a thing for fictional (aka non syphilis-ridden) pirates. It’s not a crime.

John Reese (Person of Interest): It’s weird because I don’t find Jim Caviezel at all attractive in real life, but there’s just something about Mr. Reese. I honestly wish they’d let him go just a little bit more grey. The silver fox thing totally works for him.

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural): He’s...have you seen his arms? Those are good arms to have. (It’s my post and I’ll use Buffy quotes if I want to.) Plus, he’s so sweet with his family, like all the Supernatural hunks.

Brett Dalton (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): Agent Grant Ward may be indistinguishable from a cardboard cutout, but he’s a sexy cardboard cutout who looks super hot in glasses. Plus ‘Bretty’ is as adorably dorky in real life as Ward is lifeless and dull on the show. Follow his Twitter for some of the worst puns you will ever hear.


Much Ado About Nothing: My ‘Best of 2013’ list would not be complete without acknowledging my favorite movie of the year. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely must. It’s beautiful and wonderful and perfect in every conceivable way. Not that I’m overselling it.

Have a very Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Great review of the year sunbunny! At least we have some common loves so my list will only grow a little. I keep thinking that I should watch Sleepy Hollow since everyone on the list loves it. I will get to it and I will also have to watch Orphan Black as well. I have just recently become addicted to Veronica Mars but can't match your record for viewing although I am working my way through the seasons pretty quickly. I will also try Orange is the New Black again. I think the preppy white girl turned me off but I will stick it out for the supporting characters you have liked.

  2. Doc, it *really* helps to be unemployed and alone when attempting to watch three seasons of a TV show in about a week. :) You should definitely give OitNB another try. The supporting characters *make* the show. I honestly end up ignoring Piper most of the time (apologies to fans of Piper).

  3. OMG! I can't believe I forgot the Double Js in my list of crushes. Although, if push came to shove, I would be Team Dean all the way.

    Great review, my friend!

  4. I, too, am a new viewer to Supernatural. I haven't figured out why I never watched it before but kick myself for not starting earlier. Minus a brief period where the fandom almost drove me away, it's been an awesome ride. It makes me happy to see Supernatural on so many lists and in the recommended shows to watch list. :)


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