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Fall 2018 Premiere Dates

You're probably
Josie Kafka's
lovely poetry.
But this is just
Billie Doux
with fall premieres in
chronological order.
Sorry about that.

There are just too many shows out there these days. Tracking them is an impossible task, even when you only list the ones you're covering, or that interest you, which is pretty much what I'm doing here. So feel free to post comments with additions and corrections, and I'll keep updating this article.

Iron Fist (September 7, Netflix). Yes, they gave us a second season. The real question is, does anyone care? Will anyone watch? I did a season review of one, but only reluctantly. I don't think I'm up for season two. Bigger question: is this Netflix Marvel series thing losing its mojo? The only one I seriously want more of is The Punisher. (Surprise! Iron Fist has been cancelled! Now I can stop worrying about it.)

The First (September 14, Hulu)

Manifest (September 24, NBC)

The Gifted (September 25, Fox) An Honest Fangirl will be covering season two.

This Is Us (September 25, NBC) We don't have anyone to cover this show, but I watch it and I really love it. Want to review This is Us for us? Apply here!

The Good Place (September 27, NBC) We've wanted to cover The Good Place practically since it began, and this season, we will! Motherforking shirtballs!

Will and Grace (October 4)

Doctor Who (October 7, BBC) Of course, we're covering it. Samantha M. Quinn will be reviewing season eleven.

The Walking Dead (October 7, AMC) We're looking for someone to review the ninth season for us. Interested? Apply here! (We're also looking for someone to review spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, too.)

The Flash (October 9, The CW) Shari, our wonderful Arrow reviewer, is catching us up with The Flash this summer; we're still looking for someone to cover this show.

Black Lightning (October 9, The CW) We don't have anyone to cover this show for us yet. Again, if you're interested...

Riverdale (October 10, The CW)

Supernatural (October 11, The CW) I will continue to cover Supernatural as I have for the past thirteen seasons. I have a bet going with myself that this is going to be the last season, but I've been wrong about that eight times. As long as Jensen and Jared want to do it and the ratings continue to be good... you know the drill.

Titans (October 12, DC Universe)

Supergirl (October 14, The CW) Victoria Grossack will continue to cover the Girl of Steel for us.

Charmed (October 14, The CW) Panda plans to post season reviews of the entire original series soon, and will cover the reboot's premiere.

Arrow (October 15, The CW) Shari will be covering season seven.

Daredevil (October 19, Netflix) Mark Greig will post a season review.

Legends of Tomorrow (October 22, The CW) Mikey Heinrich will be covering season four.

Legacies (October 25, the CW) Billie Doux will review the pilot. Actually, Billie won't. Billie watched the first five minutes and decided she hated it. No review.

Midnight, Texas (October 26, NBC)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (October 26, Netflix)

Outlander (November 4, Starz)

Timeless series finale (December 20, NBC)

Runaways (December 21)

The Orville (December 30)

Gotham (January 3, Fox, final season!)

True Detective (January 13, HBO)

Star Trek: Discovery (January 17, CBS All Access)

2019, in no particular order but I'll update this article when dates are announced:

Mr. Robot (fourth and final season)
Agents of SHIELD
The Crown
Lucifer (yay!)
iZombie (final season)
The 100
The Handmaid's Tale
Jessica Jones
The Punisher
Game of Thrones (final season)
The Expanse

What are we missing? What should we be covering? Did I get something wrong? Was something just announced? Am I asking too many questions?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. At least the 2nd season of Iron Fist is only 10 episodes long so I'm hoping for a tighter story which together with the more laid back Danny from season 2 of Luke Cage may redeem the series.

    Yay for the Good Place coverage, that show amazed me even more with season 2 instead of predictably failing to adapt to the big revelation of season 1. And Kristen Bell will film both this and the Veronica Mars revival without scheduling conflicts!! :)

    Add the Expanse to 2019, I hope Amazon will manage to get some episodes out before the end of 2019. I don't know how much the cancellation drama delayed the production.

    You should add (the final season) to Gotham, IZombie and GoT too.

    I hope You are wrong for the 9th time about Supernatural. ;) But I really hope they stop with the Walking Dead after all the cast leaves this season.

  2. Thanks, Patryk -- I added all that.

    It would be logical for AMC to end The Walking Dead this season, but I bet they won't. It's their moneymaker, even with the audience decline. They're going to squeeze that series dry.

  3. Speaking of Supernatural (although when is that NOT the case) has everybody checked out the follow-up to Hollywood's Supernatural parody. Let's just say that Billie's original description of the show being sort of like Ghostbusters, with hunks is put to good use here.

  4. I've been delving into European TV series on Netflix lately, and would love to see some doux reviews of them. I loved El Ministerio del Tiempo and I'm currently working on Babylon Berlin.

  5. A Discovery of Witches with Matthew Goode as a vampire is due soon.

  6. televisionandotherrantings -- thanks for the link. I don't usually like parodies and have been avoiding that one, but I just watched it and it's really terrific. How did they get every continuing character in the series in there?

    magritte, thanks. I'll make a note of those titles.

    mazephoenix, how did I miss that one??? Matthew Goode as a vampire? It said SkyOne somewhere but I have no idea when and where it will air here.

  7. Thanks for this list! Always helpful to have date compiled :)

    I've been reading with the announcement that Season 4 of Mr. Robot would be the last that it won't air until 2019.

  8. I would like to add - The Orville. Love it or hate it - the second season (according to imdb) starts with a double episode 30 dec.

  9. And...

    Will & Grace - Oct 4
    Riverdale - Oct 10
    Supergirl - Oct 14
    Runaways - Dec 21

  10. Thanks, TJ.

    Supergirl is already there.

    Yes, I hate The Orville. How did you guess? :)

  11. Billie, The Orville is a love it/hate it show. I hated it at the beginning but then I completely made a U-turn and started to love it. You should give it a chance:-)

  12. Doctor Who got a premiere date: Sunday, October 7.


  13. Nathan Fillion has a new show in october called The Rookie.

  14. Also the Sabrina reboot The chilling adventures of Sabrina is due soon too.

  15. Cloak and Dagger Season 2 - Spring 2019.

    If you haven't watched Season 1, you should go and immediately watch Season 1

  16. Travelers season 2 should be out soonish. No interest in that show? I love it personally. Kind of a post apocalyptic Quantum Leap. Sort of.

  17. skyemaidstone, actually, I love Travelers. Josie Kafka did a first season review and I did a second season review. One of us will certainly do season three. And now that I'm thinking about it, Travelers really ought to have a show page of its own.


  18. I wasn't even sure a third season of Travelers was in the cards, but the wikipedia page says late 2018 on Netflix. Hurrah! I don't understand why the show doesn't get more exposure. It's very well written.

  19. Doh I meant season 3 of course :). Brad Wright of Stargate fame writes it which was also one of my favourite shows (not SGU so much). I don't understand the lack of attention it gets either.


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