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Sleepy Hollow

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Sleepy Hollow (2013-2017) is about a Colonial soldier named Ichabod Crane who rip-van-winkles through time, arrives in the twenty-first century town of Sleepy Hollow, and teams up with local police lieutenant Abbie Mills to avert the approaching apocalypse.

The show started out strong with an amazing first season and then it sort of meandered all over the place trying to find itself, but Tom Mison's exceptional performance as Ichabod Crane kept me watching. If you enjoy shows like Supernatural (many fans think Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow could exist in the same universe) or if you're an American history buff with a sense of humor – or both – you might want to give Sleepy Hollow a try.

Season One

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Blood Moon
1.3 For the Triumph of Evil
1.4 The Lesser Key of Solomon
1.5 John Doe
1.6 The Sin Eater
1.7 The Midnight Ride
1.8 Necromancer
1.9 Sanctuary
1.10 The Golem
1.11 The Vessel
1.12 The Indispensable Man
1.13 Bad Blood

Season Two

2.1 This is War
2.2 The Kindred
2.3 Root of All Evil
2.4 Go Where I Send Thee...
2.5 The Weeping Lady
2.6 And the Abyss Gazes Back
2.7 Deliverance
2.8 Heartless
2.9 Mama
2.10 Magnum Opus
2.11 The Akeda
2.12 Paradise Lost
2.13 Pittura Infamante
2.14 Kali Yuga
2.15 Spellcaster
2.16 What Lies Beneath
2.17 Awakening
2.18 Tempus Fugit

Season Three

3.1 I, Witness
3.2 Whispers in the Dark
3.3 Blood and Fear
3.4 The Sisters Mills
3.5 Dead Men Tell No Tales
3.6 This Red Lady From Caribee
3.7 The Art of War
3.8 Novus Ordo Seclorum
3.9 One Life
3.10 Incident at Stone Manor
3.11 Kindred Spirits
3.12 Sins of the Father
3.13 Dark Mirror
3.14 Into the Wild
3.15 Incommunicado
3.16 Dawn's Early Light
3.17 Delaware
3.18 Ragnarok

Season Four

4.1 Columbia
4.2 In Plain Sight
4.3 Heads of State
4.4 The People v. Ichabod Crane
4.5 Blood From a Stone
4.6 Homecoming
4.7 Loco Parentis
4.8 Sick Burn
4.9 Child's Play
4.10 Insatiable
4.11 The Way of the Gun
4.12 Tomorrow
4.13 Freedom

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Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane)
Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills)
Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills)
Orlando Jones (Frank Irving)
Katia Winter (Katrina Crane)
John Noble (Henry Parrish)
Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross)
Zach Appelman (Joe Corbin)
Shannon Sossamyn (Pandora)
Lance Gross (Daniel Reynolds)
Jessica Camacho (Sophie Foster)
Janina Gavankar (Diana Thomas)
Jerry MacKinnon (Jake Wells)
Rachel Melvin (Alex Norwood)
Oona Yaffe (Molly Thomas)
Jeremy Davies (Malcolm Dreyfuss)