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Doux News: January 12, 2014

This Week: PaleyFest Polar Bears -- The Leftovers -- A Justified Ending -- House of Cards -- This Week in Casts -- King’s Landing, UK -- This Week in Cats

PaleyFest Polar Bears

The cast of Lost will reunite for a tenth-(OMG I am so frakking old)-anniversary panel at the 2014 PaleyFest in Hollywood. I’ve never been to a PaleyFest, but they’re usually a more sedate version of the TV panels at Comic-Con and they tend to generate a lot of buzz, so I’m excited to see what emerges from the Lost panel, as well as from the panels from other currently-running shows, listed here.

The Leftovers

If that's not enough wackadoo for ya, you might enjoy this Damon Lindelof interview with Entertainment Weekly about his upcoming HBO show The Leftovers. Lindelof described The Leftovers as “‘If Lost and Friday Night Lights had a baby and then that baby was severely neglected, that would be The Leftovers.” I have no idea what that means, and I don’t care: I am still very, very excited about this show, which will premiere sometime this summer.

A Justified Ending

Nick Grad, the president of FX, told Variety that Justified will probably end after the sixth season. That is the plan “right now,” he said. “We like having shows that rate really well, and there’s an instinct that you want it to go on forever. But it doesn’t.”

I’m 100% behind the idea of shows setting an end-date, but I’m not sure how I feel about the president of the channel being the one to make the announcement. Letting creator and mastermind Graham Yost be the one to break the news to the press and the fans would have helped make the six-season cut-off feel like an organic story decision rather than a corporate dictate.

House of Cards

The trailer for the second season of House of Cards is now available right here on your screen!

This Week in Casts

Gracepoint (the American remake of Broadchurch) has added Jessica Lucas to the roster as a guest star. Jessica Lucas was—aside from Matt Davis—the only good thing about the short-lived CW series Cult.

Michelle Forbes will have a recurring role on the second season of Orphan Black, which premieres on April 19th.

Zoe Saldana will take on the Mia Farrow role in the upcoming NBC adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby. Because that totally needs to be made.

Craig Robinson (Darryl from The Office) will star in a sitcom called Mr. Robinson on NBC.

King’s Landing, UK

Kings Langley, a town in the county of Hertfordshire, will change its name to “King’s Landing” (the capital of Westeros) in February to celebrate the release of the third-season DVD of Game of Thrones. Apparently, the residents of Kings Langley are willing to risk death, betrayal, death, incest, death, torture, death, and more death just for a little cash in their coffers.

This Week in Cats

The New York Times has an excellent review and an interesting excerpt of a new book: Cat Sense by John Bradshaw, a biologist at the University of Bristol. According to Bradshaw, our cats don’t bring us dead animals as “treats”: they hunt by instinct, get home, and realize that canned cat food is tastier than dead bird, so they leave the treats for us to find. (I refuse to believe this, as does the book’s reviewer.) Despite that questionable claim, Bradshaw’s book sound interesting, and like a great gift to get for the cat lover in your life. Hint. Hint. Hint.


  1. PaleyFest this year looks amazing. Wish I could take the two weeks and just go from panel to panel. Sometimes the panels turn up on YouTube or other streaming sites. Fingers crossed...

  2. I've always been attracted to PaleyFest, too. I think about getting tickets. And then I put it off and don't go. And that's what I'm doing this year.

    I'm on board with Justified setting an end date, but I hope they're not doing it because Breaking Bad did it. If Supernatural does indeed go with ten, I'll lose both Justified and Supernatural at the same time. That's a little depressing.

    That cat book looks interesting. The idea that cats have retained a lot more of their wildness than dogs makes a lot of sense and explains the lack of service cats.

  3. Normally I like random town/beach/lane re-namings that celebrate fiction (and by the way have you seen the Dutch streets named after Tolkien characters on Tumblr?!) but aside from the death/incest/death/torture etc risk, a DVD release seems kind of a small thing to celebrate in that way. Like, the final season, or a big convention, or even the release of the next book (if that ever happens) seem like better reasons, bigger things. Otherwise it seems a bit excessive and we'll end up re-naming Norway after the kingdom in Frozen to celebrate that DVD release, or something.

  4. Juliette - One of UCI's two housing options is called Middle Earth. All the buildings are named after places and characters in LotR. :)


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