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Lost Missing Pieces #4: The Deal

Where it fits

This webisode fits in around the time of second season episode "Dave" (2:18).


Juliet visits the imprisoned Michael with good news. His boat to freedom has been granted. But it comes at a price. To earn it, not only must he free Benjamin Linus, he must also lure Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer back to the Others' camp.

Juliet tells Michael that Walt's special abilities are drawing the wrong kind of attention from some of the Others. She claims to be relieved that Michael will soon be taking Walt away, the implication being that Walt is in some kind of great danger.

Michael, unsure of whether he can trust Linus, is reassured by Juliet that he can. She reveals how her own “deal” with Ben resulted in the saving of her sister's life. Michael can't understand why Juliet would save her own sister, at the expense of not being a part of her life. Juliet asks him, "Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt?"


I must confess, I absolutely love Juliet as a character, so this webisode was a real treat for me. She can be blatantly manipulative one minute, and as honest as they come the next. In this webisode she mixes both traits to great effect. Yes Ben saved her sister's life, and yes Walt's abilities are causing unease in the camp. But the reason she's telling Michael these things is to create a sense of urgency in him. To instill a sense of trust in him that will steel him for the trials to come. To reinforce in his mind that failure isn't an option.

Michael is essentially put in an impossible position. He certainly doesn't want to lead his friends into a trap. But by the same token he knows that he can't leave Walt with the Others for much longer. So the question becomes, how far is he willing to go to get Walt off the island? Is he prepared to betray his friends? Is he prepared to kill if necessary?


Juliet: “Well, he's not an ordinary boy. Which is why I'm worried about him. So I'm very glad you agreed to do this for us. I'm glad you're going to get him away from here.”

Juliet: “Our man in your camp, the one you're going to free. His name is Ben. He's very important.”

Michael: “What the point of saving her life if you can't be with her?”
Juliet: “Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt?"

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