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Here are articles that are more general or that don't fit into the category of television show reviews, movie reviews, and book reviews. They have to go somewhere.

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Mini Movie Reviews: From Page to Screen
Mini Movie Reviews: Song and Dance
Mini Movie Reviews: King of the Monsters
Mini Movie Reviews: Originals and Remakes
This Week: His Face is Made of Rubber
Mini Movie Reviews: Thee Michelle Yeoh
Mini Movie Reviews: Otherworldly Romances
Mini Movie Reviews: Six from the Sixties
This Week: I'm Hoping Colin Farrell or a Donkey Will Pop Up
Mini Movie Reviews: Worlds of Tomorrow
Mini Movie Reviews: Toshiro Mifune
This Week: Dead Boy Detectives is Highly Entertaining
Mini Movie Reviews: Once Upon a Time...
Mini Movie Reviews: Revenge
This Week: OMG, Michael Emerson is in Fallout
M*A*S*H and Its Infuriating Laugh Track
This Week: Important Viewing News
This Week: Swayze Always Gets a Pass
Doux Reviews Turns Twenty!
Doux Top Ten Movie Reviews
This Week: Should I Try Supernatural Again?
Can We Just Be Done With the Oscars?


Billie's Best of 2023: Happy Twentieth!
Mark's Best of 2023
Samantha Reflects on Entertainment in 2023
Josie's Best of 2023
Panda's Best of 2023
Juliette's Best of 2023
An Honest Fangirl's Best of 2023
This Week: Why is David Harbour So Sexy?
This Week: Tom Welling was Blessed with a God-Given Jawline
This Week: Was David Addison Always a Jerk?
My Four-Step Plan to be as Cool as Jim Taggart
Is it Time to Give Up on Hollywood?
The Many Confusing Lives of Wonder Girl
This Week: No New TV. What Old TV to Watch?
Discussion: Barbenheimer
This Week: Secret Invasion, Extraction, and William Sadler
This Week: Stuffed Animals for the Win
This Week: Just Taking Notes on Stanley Tucci
This Week: A Tremendous Relief
This Week: It's Always Star Trek With Me
This Week: This Post Was Not Sponsored by Peacock
NewsFlash: Outlander Will End With Season Eight
This Week: The Year So Far


Samantha M. Quinn's Best of 2022
CoramDeo's Best of 2022
Chris's Best of 2022
Josie's Best of 2022
Juliette's Best of 2022
This Week: Gilmore Girls Meets Lois & Clark
This Week: Special Halloween Edition
Discussion: Comfort Watching
This Week: Elves, Dragons, Vampires and Mexican Food
This Week: On the Fence about The Winchesters
A Handmaid's Tale Update and Apology
This Week: Namaste, Billie!
This Week: Includes Apocalypse Now
This Week: Really Buzzed
This Week: The Most Trek Message Ever
This Week: The Impending Alien Invasion
This Week: Happy Pride from the Agents of Doux!
This Week: Television's Reality-Grunge Answer to Superhero Sagas
Our 10,000th Post
Recommended Reads for Marvel Movie and TV Fans
This Week: Our Own 10K
This Week: The Perfect Prep for Life as a Hulk
This Week: A Cancellation Bloodbath
The 14th Doctor Revealed! Let's Discuss!
This Week: Yet Hope Springs Eternal
This Week: Contact the City Bus Services
This Week: The Marvel Version of the Met Gala
This Week: Dense and Frustrating, Like a Tire Fire
This Week: The Sandal Thing
This Week: A Serious Case of the Mandela Effect
This Week: The Great Emptier of Pockets
This Week: Wes Anderson Movies are Like Desserts
This Week: Lost Schisms, or, Christopher Meloni's Mmm Hmm
Five Interesting Short Films
This Week: But Evil First


New Year Wishes from the Agents of Doux
Lamounier's Best of 2021, the 2021-free Edition (Almost)
Juliette's Best of 2021
Josie's Best of 2021: Grabby Edition
CoramDeo's Best of 2021
An Honest Fangirl's Best of 2021
ChrisB's Best of 2021
21 Comics I read in '21
NewsFlash: The Matrix 4 Teasers
Three Classic Anime Series for Beginners to Watch
An X-Men Retrospective: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5
Sandman: Casting Shade
Discussion: Did You Ever Watch The Nevers?
2021 Best Picture Contenders
The Saga of Joss Whedon


CoramDeo's Best of 2020
Billie's Best of 2020!
An Honest Fangirl's Best of 2020
My Five Favorite Christmas Movies
Josie's Best of 2020
Billie and Josie's Best of the Decade
Juliette's Best of 2020
CoramDeo's Best of the Decade
Disney Just Announced What?
Five Upcoming Shows I'm Excited About
Five More Great Films You've Probably Never Seen
Doctor Who: My Five Holiday Wishes for Series 13
Halloween with the Agents of Boo-oux
Five Great Ealing Comedies
Happy Star Trek Day!
Five Classic Comic Book Runs
Five Great Films You've Probably Never Seen
Outlander: Top Ten Favorite Episodes
The Case for Bingeing Hill Street Blues
Five Best (And Worst) Times TV Shows Changed Their Theme Tune
Five Superhero Films that Evolved the Genre
Five Films Changed Against Their Director's Wishes
Five Notoriously Troubled Productions
NewsFlash: Strange New Worlds
Five Director's Cuts You'll Probably Never See
What Are You Watching?
Five Delayed Sequels
Five Game Changing Episodes
Five All Star War Movies
The Case for Bingeing Jonny Quest
And Yet More Bingeworthy Shows
The Case for Bingeing Doctor Who, the Black-and-White Years
Our Favorite Bingeworthy Shows
What to Binge on Disney Plus
Ten Great British Miniseries to Binge
Five Famous Movie Mentors (and how they died)
Five Great Old School Epics
Five Classic Powell and Pressburger Films
A Beginner's Guide to Studio Ghibli


Josie's Best of 2019
Mark's Best of 2019
CoramDeo's Best of 2019
Joseph's Best of 2019
Juliette's Best of 2019
An Honest Fangirl's Best of 2019
In Memory of Rene Auberjonois
Doux News: Fall Preview
Five Shows That Struggled Without Their Creators
Five TV Villains Turned Heroes
Five Infamous TV Traitors
Five Great European Crime Thrillers
Five (And More) TV Characters Who Were Meant to Die
Five Franchises That Didn't Know When to Quit
Five (And More) Ubiquitous Dead TV Characters
Five Actors Who Should Be Cast in Netflix' Sandman Series
Doux News: Comic-Con 2019
Five Potential Storylines for Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series
DC Dives into The Trench... Dragging Its Creative Prospects With It
The Walking Dead is Dead to Me
The Very Best of Supernatural


About Us: Happy Holidays Q&As with the Doux writers
Mark's Best of 2018
Juliette's Best of 2018!
Five Shows That Switched Networks
Excelsior: Eulogy for Stan Lee
Five Fandoms I Happened to Catch at the Right Time
Five TV Shows that Suffered from Network Interference
Five Fictional Schools You Wouldn't Want to Send Your Kids To
All Things Star Trek
Five Fandoms that I Missed Out On (And it's Too Late to Jump in Now)
Five Shows that Replaced their Entire Cast
Autumn Preview (British Edition)
Fall 2018 Premiere Dates
Five Successful (and Unsuccessful) Replacement Characters
Five TV Shows I Stopped Watching
Five (okay, Six) Crossover Characters: Lucifer versus Supernatural
Five TV Characters Who Vanished Without a Trace
Five (and more) Films Sean Bean Survives
Five Reasons You Can't Trust Reviews
NewsFlash: Buffy reboot?????
Five Shows that Were a Bear to Review
Acknowledgement to the Works of Harlan Ellison
Renewals and Cancellations Guide, Spring 2018
Gotham Certified
The Golden Globe Awards 2018


Billie's Best of 2017
JRS' Best of 2017
Mark's Best of 2017
Mallena's Best of 2017
Lamounier's 2017 in Review
Fangirl's Best of 2017
Juliette's Best of 2017
The Expanse Season One Review (Or Why You Should Be Watching This Show)
Buffy's Near Classics
Kid Winchesters: The Younger Versions of Dean and Sam
About this Joss Whedon thing...
Discussion: Favorite Twitter Feed
Fall 2017 Premiere Dates
Discussion: What Are You Reading? (August Edition)
Discussion: Comic-Con Highlights
Newsflash: And the Thirteenth Doctor Is...
Discussion: What Are You Reading?
Sense8: The Cancellation
Star Trek: Discovery Trailer
Summer 2017 Premiere Dates
To Binge or Not to Binge
Willow and Tara Live On
A Discussion about Inconsistencies and Fashion in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A Few Random Thoughts About Buffy, Twenty Years Later
Buffy Season Six: Stupendous or Stinky?
My Personal Relationship with Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spring 2017 Premiere Dates
Discussion: Did You Watch Powerless?
I'm funnier in Enochian: my first Supernatural convention
Crossover Guide to the Berlanti-Verse


Billie's Best of 2016
JRS' Year in Review: Year of the Binge
Carrie Fisher, 1956-2016
J.D. Balthazar's Best and Worst of 2016
Josie's Best of 2016
Mark's Best of 2016
Laure's 2016 Year in Review
Juliette's 2016 Year in Review
Heather's Best of 2016
Mallena's Best of 2016
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (our very first theater review!)
Reminder: There Are Still Kittens
An interview with Jeff Toobin
The Fall To-Doux List
Fall 2016 Premiere Dates
Sunday discussion: The Summer Television Wasteland, 2016
Nashville: You'd Better Sit Down
An Open Letter to the CW: Caption the Chronicles of Cisco
Britannia Rules the Airwaves
Romance and Robots: A Doux Reviews Valentine's Day Special
An Hour of Jossy Goodness


Billie's Best, and a Happy New Year!
JD's Best of 2015
Juliette's Best of 2015
Josie's Best of 2015
Joseph's Best of 2015
Laure's Best of 2015
Sunbunny's Best of 2015
ChrisB's Best of 2015
Winter 2016 Premiere Dates
Heather's Best of 2015
Jess's Jack-o-Lanterns 2015
Star Wars Mania
Comic Con 2015
Happy Pluto Flyby Day!
Fall 2015 Premiere Dates
Summer Entertainment Plans
Our Summer Preview
Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015
Terry Pratchett, 1948-2015


Billie's Best of 2014, Binge-Watch Edition
Josie's Best of 2014
Juliette's 2014 Year in Review
Winter 2015 Premiere Dates
Chris's Best of 2014
Mark's Best of 2014
J.D. Balthazar's Look Back at 2014 Movies
Sunbunny's Best of 2014
Laure's Best of 2014
Jess's 2014 Year in Review
Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer analysis
Jess's Jack o' Lanterns 2014
The Great Supernatural Binge Watch
Shark Week 2014
The 25 Best Characters on TV
Robin Williams, 1951-2014
Fall 2014 Premiere Schedule
Comic-con 2014!!!
NewsFlash: Community's Sixth Season
How to Watch Star Wars
Summer Reading 2014
Poll: Haven't Seen It?
Our Summer To-Doux List
Our Tenth Anniversary
Discussion: Live Tweeting
Reinventing Doux Reviews (April Fool's Day Column)
Lost PaleyFest 2014 Reunion Panel
Poll: Onscreen Romance


New Shows (2013)
Billie's Best of 2013
Ben P. Duck's "2014: The Year in Review"
Sunbunny's Best of 2013
Mark's Best of 2013
Laure's Best of 2013
Josie's Best of 2013
Juliette's 2013 Year in Review
J.D.'s Favorite Movies of 2013
Chris's 2013 Year in Review
Doc's 2013 Year in Review
Best of 2013: Jess's Year in Review
Winter 2013-2014 Premiere Schedule
Golden Globe Nominees 2014
Screen Actors Guild Award Nominees 2014
Holiday Treats Recipe Series
PoI: Spoilers of Interest?
People's Choice Awards 2014: Nominees
Jess's Jack o'lanterns, 2013 edition
Poll: Good Show, Bad Episode
T.H.E. G.R.E.A.T. S.H.I.E.L.D. D.E.B.A.T.E.
Poll: Words to Live By
Strange(r) Teaser from JJ Abrams?
Shark Week 2013
And the Twelfth Doctor Is...
CBS Blackout
The Movie Industry Might Be Broken
News from Comic-Con 2013
Fall 2013 Premiere Schedule
The Ender's Game Boycott
TV Guide's 60 Best Sci-Fi Shows
The 100 All-Time Greatest: Movies & Books & Albums & Plays & TV Shows
Summer 2013
MTV Movie Awards
Cutting the Cord
Movies in 2013


New Shows (2012)
J.D.'s Best of 2012
Panda's Best of 2012
Billie Doux is now Doux Reviews!
Chris's Best of 2012
Billie's Best of 2012
Sunbunny's Best of 2012
Nadim's Mid-Season Wrap-up
Josie's Best of 2012
Juliette's 2012 Year in Review
Mark's Best of 2012
Jess's 2012 Year in Review
It's a Billie Doux Holiday
50 Years of James Bond, Part 1
50 Years of James Bond, Part 2
Jess's Jack o'lanterns
It's the Great Pumpkin, Billie Doux
New Fall Shows recap, part 2
New Fall Shows recap, part 1
Our (non)coverage of the Emmy Awards
About us: Billie Doux
About us: J.D. Balthazar
About us: Juliette
About us: Mark Greig
About us: Josie Kafka
About us: Dr. Nana Mom
About us: ChrisB
The best guest writers in the universe...
About us: Paul Kelly
About us: Nadim
About us: Jess Lynde
About us: Panda
World's sexiest supernaturals: the top 25
WIGS, Geek and Sundry, and the show which must not be named
TV or the movies?
Year in Review: Top Hats of 2011


Game review: Star Wars, the Old Republic
2012 Film Preview
J.D.'s Top Ten Movies of 2011
Mark's Best of 2011
Josie's Best of 2012 (yep)
Billie's Best of 2011
Jess's 2011 Favorites
Let Us Give Thanks...
All That And Braiiinsss, Too: A Few Thoughts About Zombies
Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels
Renewal/Cancellation Newsflash
Yes, it's Vampire Month
Summer Shows, Exclamation Point
Latest renewals and cancellations
What are you doing during the hiatus?
Billie's Ten Rules of Television


Harry's Gleeful Moments of 2010
Josie's Best of 2010
Jess's 2010 Favorites
Billie's favorite TV of 2010
Holiday Gift Guides 2010
Supernatural on the cover of TV Guide
The new fall season Thanksgiving roundup
Buffy movie: Not Without Joss Whedon
Buffy quotes for every occasion (series of articles)
Don't you just love vampires? (series of articles)
Vampire Month
The new fall season (2010)
About Us: Paul Kelly
About Us: Serena Yang
About Us: Jess Lynde
About Us: Josie Kafka
About Us: Billie Doux
Our New Look
Why VD Doesn't Suck
The original, classic, really old Star Trek
Summer reviewing plans and future projects
Twilight, New Moon, and so on
John Carter of Mars starts shooting
About Heroes...


Josie's Best of 2009
Serena's Top 9 of '09
Best of 2009: Sandy's Take
2009 Favorites: Jess's Take
Billie's Favorite TV of 2009
True Blood poll results: Yes, it's all about Eric
So, about Glee being a cult show...
Heroes and Smallville and the fall season
Guest Writers Gone Wild
Summer reviewing plans, part one
Plagiarism for fun and, well, not profit
Goodbye, Andy Hallett
Thank you, Kim Manners
Great Expectations: the return of sci-fi Friday


Has Heroes jumped the extremely large marine predator?
Highlander: Reunion
Reflections on a rather bizarre season


The fall verdict is in. Sort of
The new fall season, so far
The Fall Court Press
My Summer Projects
Top Ten Sci-Fi/Genre Romances, according to Dan


Keeping Fit the Couch Potato Way
How we pick what we watch, especially during the fall blitz
Jericho and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
A dog skull on a stake: the manliest science fiction movies of all time
What was it about the early 1980s?
Voyage to the bottom of the ratings
Alias versus La Femme Nikita
Rest in Peace, Andreas Katsulas


Like Alias? Try La Femme Nikita
Eulogy for Star Trek
Lost Party: Secrets on the Beach


High Stakes 2004: Whedon Fans for Kerry
The Angel finale opinion poll
The Dead Zone Autograph Event
Can Angel be saved? Or is Joss Whedon's Buffyverse gone for good?
Midsummer Magic: Wonderfalls and Touching Evil
Highlights from the Wolfram & Hart Annual Review
A Failing Enterprise: Is there hope for Star Trek or is the franchise dead?


Q&A with David Boreanaz
Our Very Own Buffy and Angel Location Tour with Tara Bennett
Interview with Buffy author, Nikki Stafford
Interview with the Subway Slayer, April Weeden-Washington
Billie's Bytes bites the dusts:

Alexis Denisof and Andy Hallett in Santa Barbara
Review of the Sci-Fi Channel Miniseries Taken
Emma Caulfield, Juliet Landau and Elizabeth Anne Allen in Santa Barbara
Joss Whedon, Amber Benson and Michelle Trachtenberg at Tower Records
Christian Kane and Mercedes McNab in Santa Barbara
The Buffy/Angel Opinion Poll

Features on Hiatus

This Week in Cats
Award Show Coverage